To think about: "Women's empowerment helps raise economic productivity and reduce infant mortality. It contributes to improved health and nutrition. It increases the chance of education for the next generation." (Kristoff and WuDunn, Half the Sky, xx)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Role Reversal yet again

Role Reversal in Movies

Another video about what it would look like if men and women were to switch roles. This time it's in the movies. These kinds of videos makes us question the way we look at how every role is cast; how they portray the women; how she is supposed to act. The video tests the viewers comfortability, so that these kinds of questions get asked. Awareness is key. I am glad to see that these kinds of videos are becoming more popular. At least I think they are.

American Women vs Muslim Women

This cartoon shows how societies are so quick to judge each other without really knowing much


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Masters of Sexism"

This clip is a clip from the Daily Show. It is a parody on catcalling and how people believe that women should actually appreciate the "compliments." http://www.themarysue.com/the-daily-show-catcalling-segment-2/

Men try on Ladies' Sexy Halloween Costumes

I think that the reactions of these men at the end are interesting. Also the sexy girl scout. Ew!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Inspiring Speech on Rape Culture

This video discusses the societal mentality and behaviorism surrounding global rape culture. Zerlina Maxwell emphasizes the misconceptions that force the blame onto the victim, or label rape as only a feminine issue.

The Next Time Someone Asks You 'What Was She Wearing?' Just Ask Them To Watch This. You Should Too.
I thought these drawings were interesting, and highlighted some feminist ideas we have touched upon. One that relates  to Persepolis is the one with the girl who chooses to wear the hijab. I think the drawing brings up a good point. As American's we often view the hijab as a way to oppress women, but for some women it is a personal religious choice


Stop Treating Women Lawyers Like Crap

We do not realize the little struggle that working women have to deal with. Even if some of these actions seem like nothing, these nuances are hurtful and discouraging.